hard workin man

For as long as I can remember, music has always been a big influence on my life. Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I was always introduced to different styles and genres, but wasn’t until I ended up in beautiful Morgantown, West Virginia that I found my love for Country music. Musical talent doesn’t run strong in my family but some of my favorite memories have to be my Dad belting out Frank Sinatra no matter what the occasion. Frank and Daddy sure had some pipes! I've always been told that I look just like my Daddy, maybe I inherited his vocals without even realizing it.

At the age of 18, after seeing some high school friends performing an original song at our senior talent show, I knew I wanted to grab a guitar and learn to play it. That summer after high school and into college I surrounded myself with guitar players and other musicians, and we played til our fingers bled. I knew early on that I made the right choice.

For many years I was content being just a guitar player. It wasn’t until about 2009 that I had the idea of expanding my playing and delve into songwriting. I enlisted the expertise of my now mentor, producer and friend, John Lilley to broaden my knowledge and skills both on the guitar and in my songwriting. After only a couple meetings with John, our time almost came to an end as I was seriously injured in a car accident. My long road to recovery left me unable to play guitar for a couple of months, and it was in those months my determination grew stronger. After several months of rehab, John and I reunited and hit the ground running. There's a reason I wasn't taken from this Earth, I had music to make!  Music is the backbone to my life and to share that with friends, family and all of you is one of the greatest rewards anyone could ask for...

I'm truly blessed and so happy to share my music with you!. Thank you!